We are happy to present steam irons by Liting. To your attention are two models which can be found in our Internet store: www.steam-iron.com.ua, one compact and easy for home use and the other for daily and long-term use. These are multi purpose models, the best of their kind and the most popular among buyers.

        In the online store you can buy Liting steamers on wholesale (10 and more pieces) or retail basis. We promise you attractive wholesale prices (on the basis of contract prices which can be specified by phone numbers listed under the heading "Contact"). Buying steam irons at retail for personal use or a gift we suggest choose the appropriate model, depending on your needs. In any case you will get a great result.

        Liting steamers are better than any other irons. Why is that?


Liting steamers easily remove wrinkles from clothes, giving a fresh look to clothes of any tissue. You can use them with non-iron fabrics and materials: velvet, pile fabric, knitted clothes, fur and leather.
        Processing material with steam you get run out of risk of making a new fold or leaving a shiny smoothed spot. Penetrating deep into the tissue, steam gently heats and moistens the fabric without deforming it, and even struggles with light blotting. Under the influence of steam the material takes on volume, elasticity and original luster.

Disinfection and sterilization

It is known that boiling water and steam are the best means for disinfection and sterilization. Therefore, steam irons are not only quiet, they also disinfect necessary surfaces. As a result, odors, stains, bacteria are eliminated.
        Using Liting steam iron you can disinfect and clean the upholstered furniture, carpets, curtains, stuffed toys, pillows or even a solid surface. No need to use household chemicals, which is especially important if there are children in the house, animals, people prone to asthma or allergies.

Easy use

Vertical steamers allow pressing your clothes without removing the item from the rack. They are lightweight, easy to hold. Steamers pretty quickly heat the water and are ready for use after a minute or two of plug-in.

Easy maintenance

You can use any water for Liting irons; the water tank is fairly easy to fill. Nozzles and heating elements are easily cleaned by any convenient method.


Liting steamers are suited to any type of tissue. With hot steam you can not only iron, but also disinfect. Each model is equipped with additional tips for cleaning of dust and lint. A compact steamer Liting A-8 also works as an electric kettle and egg boiler!


The company produces as economical steamers as possible. Insulation helps to keep the heat, allowing to heat water less; its ergonomic head provides all the steam used without loss.


Liting steamers are designed for continuous daily use. Therefore, the case is made of durable plastic, and the heating elements are made of stainless steel preventing corrosion. This provides resistance and durability of maintenance.


The case of the steamer has good thermal insulation, making it impossible to get burnt. A vertical steam generator Liting LT-8 can automatically turn off.