Vertical steam generator Liting LT-8

Pressing things might be a quite tedious activity, but not with a vertical steam iron.
        Vertical steam is not only easier, but also gentler for your clothes, as hot steam will not damage the fabric and does not violate its structure. If you get tired of getting the ironing board whenever you need to press or you have a large clothing store and horizontal ironing in large quantities becomes simply unbearable, buying a vertical steam iron Liting LT-8 would be the best solution.
        Various modes of steam flow allow steaming virtually any material.
        Retail price: USD 80 (Price without shipping) 

      Wholesale price are to be negotiated.

P.S. Due to drastic fluctuations in exchange rates, use the equivalent of USD 80 while making calculations. Thank you for understanding!


This model is available in two colors:
- Red;

- Turquoise;
- Metallic.


 Main characteristics of the vertical steam iron Liting LT-8:
- Two modes of heating element: 1300 and 2000 W (brass);
- Voltage: 220 - 240;
- Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz;
- Connection: aluminum + brass;
- Total weight without water: 6.7 kg;
- Nominal amount of water in the vessel 3 L;
- Steam temperature: 98 degrees;
- Access to readiness: 60 sec .;
- Noise: <70 dB;
- Continuous operation time: 2.5 hours;
- The minimum height including the pole: 920 mm;
- Shaft length: 1700 mm;
- Dimensions: 39 x 22 x 49 cm;


Steamer Liting LT-8 is the fastest, easiest and safest device for ironing suitable for any fabric - silk, wool, cotton.
Steamer runs twice as fast as a conventional iron giving better results. With the steam your clothes will be ironed perfectly, and you will have much more free time. It has a professional and powerful steam technology inside used in dry cleaners. That is, you can perfectly clean your things at home, while saving time and money.
Unlike conventional irons, steam iron does not destroy the structure of the fabric but resumes its volume, and, consequently, the fabric looks like new.
Do you dream of ironing quickly and without bothering? Using a steam iron, you will not feel the burden and will forget about the pain in your back - thanks to a special hose design and adjustable height, household chores will cease to be a burden.
The tube is fixed in 4 positions: 35 cm, 66 cm, 98 cm and 170 cm. Furthermore, the device is easily moved by the wheels, and its tip is much lighter than any other iron. Steam iron can also be used to disinfect upholstery, mattresses and bedding protecting your family from dust mites and allergies.

       Recommended use:
If you run out of water, no need to cool the steamer, just add even tap water, but it is best to use distilled water.
Use only cold water!
To keep longer life of the iron, empty the water tank when you no longer need the steamer. This prevents the mineral residue in the tank.
Forget tedious ironing, you no longer need ironing boards!
Have you ever dreamed of ironing curtains immediately after washing and directly on tracks? It will be much easier now with the new steamer!