Handheld steamer Liting A-8

Travel irons are usual nowadays, but one may find it problematic to fully steam your clothes due to unit steam supply. How great it would be to have a compact device with a constant supply of steam, which can be taken on a journey or business trip.
        Hand steamer Liting A-8 has particular steam power and ease of use. This steam iron is suitable for all types of fabrics, smoothes fine clothes, giving it a refreshing look, and disinfecting it.
        Retail Price: USD 25 (Price without shipping)

Wholesale price are to be negotiated.

P.S. Due to drastic fluctuations in exchange rates, use the equivalent of USD 25 while making calculations. Thank you for understanding!


This model is available in two colors:
- Pink with white;
- Purple with white.

Main characteristics of the steam hand iron Liting A-8:
- Volume 500 ml;
- Ready for operation within 2 minutes;
- Continuous operation time of about 20 minutes;
- Steam output 30 g / min;
- Steam temperature at the outlet of about 98 degrees Celsius;
- Stainless steel disk heater;
- Removable top cover and nozzle for use as a kettle;
- Head-brush for cleaning clothes;
- System requirements: 220-230 V, 50 Hz;
- Power: 1200W;
- Weight: 1.1 kg.