www.steam-iron.com.ua works with retail and wholesale of Liting steam irons. The brand has been long operating on the market, having high rates it has won high trust from consumers.
        Now you have a unique opportunity to acquire one of the Liting steamers at a special bargain price!
        Who does not dream of a universal device that will turn ironing clothes in an exciting experience which offers several options combined in a single multifunction miracle of technology? Steam irons Liting from online store www.steam-iron.com.ua - that's a modern solution. Steam irons are also called vertical steamers or steam generators, focusing on the fact that the device works only with steam.

       You can get all the necessary information about the vertical steamer Liting A-8 and Liting LT-8 at www.steam-iron.com.ua. You can make direct order of any quantity or from 5-10 pieces if you are interested in favorable wholesale prices. After all, we are working both with retail and wholesale customers, and equally professionally serve any order.

Attractive prices!
Working directly with the manufacturer, we are able to offer favorable wholesale price for you. See for yourself by viewing our offer!

Why do we offer only two models?
        We created the best offer for you, taking care above all about quality, not quantity. Being confident in comfort technology of Liting, we provide 1 year warranty on all electrical components of Liting steamers. In the domestic market Liting A-8 and Liting LT-8 are the most popular models for both consumer and industrial applications. We trust the opinion of buyers who often choose these models.
        In addition to its direct purpose, each Liting steamer has a few extra features.

       If you need a compact steam iron at home, pay attention to the new product of year 2014 - Liting A-8. Today it is the most powerful hand-steamer. It is convenient to operate and maintain, durable enough for daily use. Suitable for all types of fabric, it perfectly smoothes out any wrinkles, cleans the woolen fabric with a special brush heads.
        A nice bonus to the basic characteristics of the steamer: special attachment allows you to use steamer Liting A-8 as a kettle - it can boil water for tea and coffee, and even boil an egg. 

       If you are interested in a steam iron for daily, we recommend you model Liting LT-8. This steam generator can operate continuously for up to 2.5 hours, so it will always be ready for use at any time when you need it.
        High power and control the flow of steam makes it ultimate choice to use for any kind of tissue, even leather. The model Liting LT-8 is equipped with a brush to remove dust and lint from clothing, as well as a trouser clip for pleated seams. The model has an adjustable stand (height 170 cm), where you can hang clothes for greater convenience during steaming.

       Combining compact size, good power and versatility, vertical steamer Liting is sure to become a universal helper in the house and at enterprises working with fabrics and garments. Attractive prices that we offer will not leave anyone indifferent.
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